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Una instagramer de fitness muestra su cuerpo después de un año sin depilarse

Morgan Mikenas quiere inspirar a las personas para que acepten la belleza natural a través de su ejemplo.

abr 20 / 2017

Morgan Mikenas es una instagramer de fitness conocida por tratar de inspirar a las personas para que acepten la belleza natural. Lo hace a través del ejemplo, mostrando su cuerpo sin depilar a través de la conocida red social.

La joven, que se confiesa una amante del vello corporal, lleva un año sin depilar su cuerpo. Como afirma en un vídeo subido a su cuenta de Youtube, su idea no es convencer a sus seguidores para que sigan su ejemplo, sino que pretende ampliar y cambiar los estándares de belleza actuales.

Su mensaje corresponde además con un problema de su pasado. Cuando tenía 11 o 12 años se metieron con ella en la clase de gimnasia del colegio por tener pelos en las piernas, por lo que se fue a casa corriendo para pedirle a su madre que le enseñara a depilarse.

A principios del año 2016 decidió que su vida iba a cambiar, por lo que dejó de usar métodos para eliminar el vello de su cuerpo y lo dejó crecer hasta ahora, cuando lo está mostrando en su cuenta de Instagram. Además, afirma muy convencida que no va a volver a depilarse nunca.

You don't realize how far you've come until you look back at where it all started. The picture on the left was 2 years ago before I started getting into bodybuilding.. I was unhappy with many aspects of my life, mentally and physically.. I decided it was time for change... and never looked back. The picture on the right is me currently.. the same bikini, but happier/healthier/hairier me:) I am a completely new person inside and out, and I could not be more proud of myself.☺😌 Gaining muscle takes time, discipline, dedication, patience, and most of all consistency. Your are not going to see instant results and it's not going to happen overnight.. It is a long process.. BUT if you keep with it you can achieve anything you set your mind to!💗😎#fitness #fitnessjourney #namaste #spreadlove #change #abs #dedication #challenge #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #consistency #bodypositive #goals #positivity #inspiration #bethechange #calisthenics #hairywomen #fitnessmotivation #getfit #loveyourself #transformation #bodybuilding #inspireothers #dreambig #fuzzy #bodyhairdontcare

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"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty."~Steve Maraboli 🌸✨ Not just woman, but everyone! Imagine if everyone just decided that today was the day they loved themselves and embraced every part of them selves. Accepting and loving your body and your "flaws" because you know they are what makes you who you are. If you are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned what others think, which will lead to peace of mind. When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself, there is a profound peace/confidence you will emanate to the world that will inspire others. ✨💝🤘🏼I also just posted a new YouTube video on why I don't shave my body hair and how it helped me(link in bio)☺ #bodypositive #spreadlove #behappy #namaste #hairywomen #healing #healthylifestyle #selfcare #loveyourself #beyourself #bethechange #divine #inspireothers #inspirationalquotes #positivity #goodvibesonly #lifeisbeautiful #hairy #gratitude #weareone #higherconsciousness #freespirit #empowerment #smile #feelgood

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